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Our Offerings


A birthday cake can be as simple as a Vanilla cake with a buttercream rose. It can be as elaborate as a cake designed to replicate a beautiful old home celebrating its 200th birthday….a ‘house’ constructed of Gold Butter cake, Caramel frosting and buttercream! Or perhaps you need an Easter basket of hand painted Lemon Shortbread farm animals! A forest baby shower cake complete with sugar fox, birch trees and birds? Or a classic Christmas Buche de Noel of chocolate sponge decorated with sugar holly, chocolate bark, and meringue mushrooms? Let us know how we can help you celebrate.


The perfect wedding cake is a beautiful reflection of all the various elements of your wedding. Flowers, colors, location, fabrics and season. The many choices you’ve made play a part in designing the wedding cake. You may know exactly how you want the cake to look, or perhaps you’re overwhelmed by all the choices available. Getting to know you allows us to sketch a design that will be a perfect fit.


Of course appearance is only part of the cake decision. To be really enjoyed it needs to taste wonderful! Our cakes through the years have ranged from the classic White Vanilla Cream to a Pumpkin Cake with Chocolate Ganache and Salted Caramel Cream Cheese frosting . We have also addressed special concerns such as preparing an all gluten free cake, a vegan alternative and an amazing organic cheesecake. We offer a wide variety of cakes, fillings and frostings and just like the design, we can help you select what works best for you and your guests.




We have offered classes in cookie making, basic frosting skills, gingerbread houses, sugar Easter eggs and more. If you have a particular interest let us know and we can craft a class for you. Small groups work best and are generally more fun! Please contact us for more information.